Merry Christmas

When my girls were at Possum Valley I used to make a bit of a fuss about Xmas and follow most of the traditions, however ridiculous and inappropriately imported from the northern hemisphere.  All that stuff about snow and reindeers racing … [Continue reading]

How to Report Nothing

In this latest review into viability status, customer satisfaction and management performance, it has been found that ongoing policy settings are achieving their aims of furthering the company's objectives. An analysis of current outcomes compared … [Continue reading]

Possum Valley Meltdown

Temperatures at Possum Valley have cooled down in the last day or two after a period of 4 or 5 days of heat wave. I have endured the hottest temps in the 40 years I have been here with the exception of just one day about 15 years ago when it was 1C … [Continue reading]

Do It All Again

Gentle readers, honoured guests, I had recently prepared an imposing post of 1250 words when it suddenly disappeared whilst I was typing, and went to zero word count. I had saved on many occasions but it just vanished into the virtual abyss. I came … [Continue reading]

Just Kidding!

A surprising number of guests arriving have commented how sad that I am closing Possum Valley and emigrating to Mars.  I am astounded that first, heaps of people read my last blog, and secondly, that some took me seriously.  It is evident that a lot o … [Continue reading]

Notice of Possum Valley’s Imminent Closure

Dear Honoured Guests, It is with heavy heart and and many partings that I announce the upcoming closure of Possum Valley Rainforest Cottages.  I can assure those with existing bookings that they will honoured.  I am looking to the future and have d … [Continue reading]

40 Years and Counting

I came to live at Possum Valley in the dry season of 1976 and have been living here since then.  Michael Cheshire and I had bought the 156 acres of rainforest to do the hippie self-sufficiency thing, with half a mind of starting a colony of … [Continue reading]

Book Review

I read as lot of books, a couple a week at least.  I have bought about 10 books in my life.  Those of you with advanced mathematical skills will notice a discrepancy in the numbers.  This shortfall in books purchased can be entirely accounted for by t … [Continue reading]