Feeding Ducks

I only have 2 ducks, so you may think feeding them a trivial task, especially as they trudge up the hill each morning with plenty of rest stops, to present themselves at my house for the daily feed of coarse grains.  So this morning I put 2 scoops of … [Continue reading]


I am increasingly baffled by the increasingly strident and vociferous 'deniers' who refuse to see the nose in front of their face, and rely on internet 'silos' or 'echo chambers' to satisfy their view that they are the chosen few who have penetrated … [Continue reading]

Negligent Granparenting

A few days ago my daughter called and asked me to take care of 2 grandsons for the day.  She was working in A&E at Atherton hospital, but her partner could quite easily have looked after them.  They had requested to come here which gave me a … [Continue reading]

Insanity Taken to Next Level

I read with astonishment about the Aukus agreement.  Just 3 egotistical men decided to commit nearly 100 billion of Australia's dollars to killing machines.  Incidentally pissing off half the world's population big time.  The idea that about 8 or 10 … [Continue reading]

National Fears and Feelings

All the news in recent times has been about covid, with little asides of other issues and a few 'feel good' stories tagged on at the end.  So I haven't posted a blog for months because the impacts of covid have ravaged many countries with misery and … [Continue reading]

Covid Vaccines

If I ruled the whole world, not just my little enclave, I would do things very differently for the vaccine roll-out.  I would not consider where they were made, who can outbid the poorer countries, nor even the death rates as these are people who … [Continue reading]

Treats and Toil in the Jungle

I have sought and found a different lifestyle than most people in Australia and I hope dear readers find some interest and amusement in me relating tasks and events and trying to give some impression of what it is like to live and work in … [Continue reading]

News from the Fungus Farm

We are in the middle of the wet season now, but nothing dramatic like cyclones to laugh at.  The rain has come in moderate amounts and with about 770 mm YTD, it isn't a failed wet either.  The only thing I can complain about is lightening sneaking up … [Continue reading]