Fab Feb

I have survived my busiest 2 months of the year, December and January, and can now relax into sloth and indolence.  When the school holidays end, bookings go from being just about 100% to mainly weekends.  I like what I do, so it isn't as … [Continue reading]


trump (1):- a trumpet. *v.t  To impose (a thing) upon by fraud.  Last Trump:  The end of the world.  to trump up:  to fabricate, to concoct. trump (2): Any card of a suit ranking for the time being above the … [Continue reading]

Breeze through Life

Here are some observations on how to have a good life without much stress or doing a lot of things you'd rather not.  Of course it is taken from my own life and what has worked for me.  It is not THE answer, because there isn't one.  … [Continue reading]

Build a house in 150,000 easy steps.

A guest recently came to my house to give me money (I've got things worked out pretty well), and remarked that he liked my house.  That was nice of him, and it reminded me that I like it too.  In fact, after living in it for more than … [Continue reading]

The New Machine

Last weekend the ultimate catastrophe occurred.  The washing machine broke.  Now you may be able to take that in your stride as a little inconvenience until it is repaired, but for me it is calamity, the ultimate  apocalypse.  I … [Continue reading]

Rant Warning! Toxic Waste Floods Canberra!

The LNP used to make much noise about factionalism in the Labour Party.  At least some of that huffing and puffing was justified.  But now it seems the LNP is wracked with worse.  Turnbull et al are paralysed and Abbot lurks like the … [Continue reading]

Trivia Trove

I have now sufficiently recovered from the excitement a couple of months ago when I had a MAJOR EVENT happen at Possum Valley.  I am now back to the usual beat of reporting insignificant trivia.  I like insignificant trivia, because … [Continue reading]

The Heavy Metal Ensemble

Possum Valley today was ringing to the tunes of large machines rather than the tranquil piping of the birds.  First to arrive was the 35 ton excavator which had to come across the neighbouring block to the south and despite having tracks rather … [Continue reading]