40 Years and Counting

I came to live at Possum Valley in the dry season of 1976 and have been living here since then.  Michael Cheshire and I had bought the 156 acres of rainforest to do the hippie self-sufficiency thing, with half a mind of starting a colony of … [Continue reading]

Book Review

I read as lot of books, a couple a week at least.  I have bought about 10 books in my life.  Those of you with advanced mathematical skills will notice a discrepancy in the numbers.  This shortfall in books purchased can be entirely accounted for by t … [Continue reading]

BGO, blinding glimpse of the obvious.

Today I was reminded of the privileged and luxurious lifestyle I enjoy.   I am not talking about wealth or status, but the rich environment I enjoy.  I had a birdie guest staying for a night who took me for a walk through the rainforest.  She was so e … [Continue reading]

Reblog:- Alternative Economics

I was asked by the blog magazine, Broad Oak Magazine, (theylaughedatnoah.blogspot.com.au) to make a contribution a few years ago. I did so and the offering is below.  It was intended as an example of how side-stepping the conventional career path can … [Continue reading]

Close Shave

This morning I was woken up at 4.15 am by a fairly loud buzzing sound.  Not an alarm clock as I never use the things.  I have to confess I'm not at my best and sharpest around 4 am.  I groped for the light and discovered the sound was next to the bed … [Continue reading]

All Peachy

My life got suddenly easier about a week ago when I finally got a new generator from China.  It took six months from ordering and paying, to receiving it.  The battery bank after 16 years of toil, was down to its last few percent of capacity.  It wa … [Continue reading]

Shopping the Difficult Way

My generator on the hydro system died in Feb this year, and I still haven't managed to get a replacement.  The type I need; a 2 bearing, 4 pole, 1500RPM, single phase, 3KW, 240V, seems to be as rare as hen's teeth except in China where they have … [Continue reading]

7th Generation

When the tribes of NW Canada assembled to discuss and decide issues, they had a respected elder to represent and speak for the interests of the seventh generation. To consider the future, and make sure decisions made today did not disadvantage all … [Continue reading]