Do It All Again

Gentle readers, honoured guests, I had recently prepared an imposing post of 1250 words when it suddenly disappeared whilst I was typing, and went to zero word count. I had saved on many occasions but it just vanished into the virtual abyss. I came … [Continue reading]

Just Kidding!

A surprising number of guests arriving have commented how sad that I am closing Possum Valley and emigrating to Mars.  I am astounded that first, heaps of people read my last blog, and secondly, that some took me seriously.  It is evident that a lot o … [Continue reading]

Notice of Possum Valley’s Imminent Closure

Dear Honoured Guests, It is with heavy heart and and many partings that I announce the upcoming closure of Possum Valley Rainforest Cottages.  I can assure those with existing bookings that they will honoured.  I am looking to the future and have d … [Continue reading]

40 Years and Counting

I came to live at Possum Valley in the dry season of 1976 and have been living here since then.  Michael Cheshire and I had bought the 156 acres of rainforest to do the hippie self-sufficiency thing, with half a mind of starting a colony of … [Continue reading]

Book Review

I read as lot of books, a couple a week at least.  I have bought about 10 books in my life.  Those of you with advanced mathematical skills will notice a discrepancy in the numbers.  This shortfall in books purchased can be entirely accounted for by t … [Continue reading]

BGO, blinding glimpse of the obvious.

Today I was reminded of the privileged and luxurious lifestyle I enjoy.   I am not talking about wealth or status, but the rich environment I enjoy.  I had a birdie guest staying for a night who took me for a walk through the rainforest.  She was so e … [Continue reading]

Reblog:- Alternative Economics

I was asked by the blog magazine, Broad Oak Magazine, ( to make a contribution a few years ago. I did so and the offering is below.  It was intended as an example of how side-stepping the conventional career path can … [Continue reading]

Close Shave

This morning I was woken up at 4.15 am by a fairly loud buzzing sound.  Not an alarm clock as I never use the things.  I have to confess I'm not at my best and sharpest around 4 am.  I groped for the light and discovered the sound was next to the bed … [Continue reading]