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Possum Valley is located off the Kennedy Highway about 30 kms south of Atherton.  From Atherton take the Kennedy Hwy (Hwy #1) south and signposted Ravenshoe.  About 28 kms from Atherton is a prominently signposted turn-off to the right marked “Ravenshoe via Tumoulin”.  The road to Possum Valley is 20m offset on the left and called Pickles Rd.  There are signs for Possum  Valley at the junction.











From the south, take the Palmeston Highway to the Tablelands marked “Ravenshoe, Atherton, Herberton” etc.  It is 4 kms north of Innisfail off the Bruce Hwy.  Go through Milla Milla for about 3 kms and take a prominently marked turn to the left marked “Ravenshoe and Herberton”.   After about 15 kms, it comes to a T-junction with the Kennedy Hwy.  Turn right towards “Herberton and Atherton” .  After about 5 kms there is a turn-off to the left marked “Ravenshoe via Tumoulin”.  The road to Possum Valley is directly opposite on the right.  There are signs to Possum Valley at that Junction.

I advise against using Google maps to navigate to Possum Valley.  There are many errors such as roads that don’t exist, misnamed roads, roads shown to connect but don’t etc.  Some of these errors involve Possum Valley and have led many people astray.  I have contacted Google as they have a “report errors” button,  However not even an automated reply and no corrections.

The road in is a gravel road about 4 kms long.  It is negotiable to most 2-wheel drive vehicles throughout the year as rain makes little difference.  The last 200m is a steep hill which causes problems for a few vehicles when departing.  The vehicles which struggle are large front wheel drives such as the Toyota Terago which was evidently designed by an accountant. Small front-wheel drives such as city cars have little problem.  Cars with lower than average clearance may scrape here and there. The best speed for 2 wheel-drives to negotiate the hill is about 20kms/hr in first gear.  4 wheel-drives can go at any speed they fancy.  Sometimes utes/duel cabs with no load in the back have a problem.   I can assist the driver very effectively by just sitting in the back of the tray.  If your vehicle is fitted with ‘traction control’, the worst device ever inflicted on a car, you are advised to learn how to turn it off as it will cut the power just when you need it.  Very rare, and as a last resort for the most hopeless of vehicles, I have 100% success towing with my 4WD.  Even a 30 seater bus with a five ton trailer, and a misfiring engine.

Not recommended for Possum Valley

Your host, Paul, has 30 years experience with this hill and provides a chauffeur service, driving your vehicle, for the dubious.   Every vehicle in 26 years and 40,000 guests has made it back to civilization.  For the very dubious, I will lend my 4WD drive by leaving it at the top of the hill for the guests to park and change vehicle.  It will be there before your arrival ready to go without need to arrange rendezvous times.  No trouble, no charge, and easier for me as, in the immortal word of Imago in “Karate Kid”,  “Best way to avoid blow is not be there”.  Please request my 4WD before you expect to arrive and note I don’t even look at emails before late afternoon.

If you have a special relationship with your car as ‘precious’, like Gollum and the ring, or you get an anxious feeling when in unfamiliar terrain, then probably Possum Valley is a bit on the wild side for you.  Others call it an adventure.  I call it home.

Driving time to Possum Valley from:-

Cairns – 2 hrs

Innisfail – 80 mins

Atherton – 35 mins

Ravenshoe – 20 mins

For a view of the property from Google Earth the coordinates are:-

Lat S 17.477817

Long E 145.498667

In rural areas, a street address is of little value to navigate to a property.  Please print this page to bring with you.