• Check-in :- 1 pm
  • Check-out :- 11 am

If there is no one booked in to your cottage for the following night, you are invited to leave as late as you wish on your departure day. The cleaning staff (Paul), is on flexy time. If the receptionist (Paul) failed to inform you, and you wish to depart late, just check with the manager (Paul), to see if this is possible.

If there is a booking to arrive that day, we ask that we can access the cottage at 11am for servicing. In any case you are invited to remain on the property after vacating the cottage if you wish.


At the cottages is a laundry tub. At Black Bean Cottage it is on the veranda, and at Maple Cottage it is under the veranda. There is a laundry for guests to use (free of charge) in the games room shed between the cottages, and contains a small automatic washing machine and tub. Detergent supplied, or should be. If the maintenance staff (Paul), has been slack, see the manager (Paul). There is a clothes line outside, but many times natural drying is hopeless, don’t bother with the washing machine, but bring the lot to the homestead where I have a matched washer/dryer pair.


There are no phones connected in the cottages, but you are welcome to use the phone at the homestead which is good old twisted copper wire. Mobiles mostly work at Maple Cottage and mostly don’t at Black Bean. You are also welcome to use e-mail, though connection speeds are ordinary. Phone and e-mail free to use, unless the cost is substantial i.e. a long phone call to Botswana. If you want to receive a message. You may give the ph no/e-mail (07978177, and I will be delighted to deliver the message par cleft stick.

Information about local attractions

There are some brochures etc left by guests in the chest of drawers. You could try asking the information desk (Paul), but frankly, I don’t get out much. Your best resources are the local information centres.

  • Ravenshoe ph 40977700
  • Herberton 40963474
  • Malanda 40966957
  • Atherton 40914222
  • Mareeba 40925674
  • Cairns 40410010 or 007