Insanity Taken to Next Level

I read with astonishment about the Aukus agreement.  Just 3 egotistical men decided to commit nearly 100 billion of Australia’s dollars to killing machines.  Incidentally pissing off half the world’s population big time.  The idea that about 8 or 10 subs provided by the French, at $48 billion dollars, could provide a credible defense for Australia is absurd in the first place, because we have a vast area of sea with no possibility of concentrating the forces unless invaders should kindly send us advance notice.

To upgrade this into the nuclear is doubling down on an insane idea, and doubling down on the cost.  Nearly $100,000,000,000 dollars for 8 or 9 rather small, useless, radioactive, underwater prisons wouldn’t come as a high priority in my household budget.  Oh, I can see the attraction for politicians.  Great big horizontal phallic symbols of power, thrusting their way through the oceans of dominance.  I prefer a more genial sort of politics.  “OK mate, you got a problem? let’s talk about it”.

I don’t get angry very often, if at all, in fact I had to fake it with my kids when they were little to convince them I was serious, but this Aukus deal makes me a little miffed.  No, I will upgrade that to ‘put out’.  Or perhaps annoyed.  I think I will go the whole hog with enraged that so much resources are devoted to futile ends when they could be used for positive outcomes.  Could you think of better use for $100,000,000,000 dollars?  I can think of several.

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