For the purposes of rates, dependents and all students including university students are kids.

Both cottages are the same tariff.  Payment is voluntary.  If you consider the service does not warrant payment, or you are financially stressed, or for any other reason you do not wish to cite, you have the option not to pay.

Suggested rates:-




Extra Adult

Extra Kid

1 to 3



$5 per night

$2.50 p/n

4 to 6



$5 per night

$2.50 p/n




$20 p/w

$10 p/w

E.G.  4 adults and 3 kids staying in 1 cottage for 4 nights is:-

per night –  $60 + $10 for 2 extra adults + $7.50 for 3 kids = $77.50 per night

for 4 nights is $77.50 times 4 = $310.00 total.

When one party books both cottages, the tariff for each cottage is to be calculated separately and then totaled.

No deposit is required to make a booking so it remains a confirmed booking unless I am later informed by guests of a change or cancellation.

Due to high bank fees, I do not accept credit cards.

Methods of payment are cash, cheque or internet transfer after your stay at a convenient time from your home computer.

For internet transfer, my bank details are:-

Acc Name:- PM & HJ Tredgett trading as Possum Valley

BSB:-  734160

Acc #:-  551197

Ref:- Your name & date of stay.

Eg:- John Smith 12 Oct

Please do NOT make any prepayments or deposits until AFTER your stay and accommodation has been provided.