I am pleased to report that I have recently rebuilt the sauna after it’s complete destruction by fire Dec 2018 and it is now ready for use.

The sauna is located at the third dam. From Black Bean Cottage Go to ‘Reception’, up the fence line, turn right along the track and in 40m there is a sign to the left for ‘sauna’. From Maple Cottage the shortest way is to go to the games room and follow the power lines that come off the roof to the right.

New sauna hut commissioned Oct 2019

The sauna takes about 1 1/2 hrs to get to temperature, so plan ahead. Light the stove in the usual way and put on a couple of the largest logs available. Close the air vent or a quarter open depending on wood type and dryness. Return in 60 to 90 mins and put on a few of the largest logs. There is little point in putting on more wood as you use the sauna unless others are to use it later, as the thermal inertia is high.

Often the wood provided is less than ideal for kindling and small stuff from the forest is wet. Go to the homestead and select a few bits from the wood I have stacked under cover. If I am not there, help yourself to some strait-grained bits that look like they will split easily. I also have paper, matches and kerosine if required.

If the sauna is already alight, you’re in luck and other guests have done the work. Check with the other guests when they intend to use it and ask them to put on a couple of large logs as they go into the sauna.

If using the sauna towards sunset take a torch as we are a little short on street lights round here. There is power and lights down there. Please turn off the lights as you leave.

Things to avoid before a sauna. A meal (1hr) especially a heavy meal (2hrs). Alcohol is not a good idea before or during a sauna. Save it to savour in the relaxation period after the sauna. If you have a medical condition, observe the usual mantra and ‘consult your doctor’. That may not be practical, so cautious self-appraisal is recommended. The sauna will stimulate the cardio-vascular system and perhaps the respiratory system.

Further suggestions on how to use the sauna are down at the hut.

As usual, lighting and tending the fire, and supervising the use of the sauna should be the responsibility of an adult.

Please enjoy.