Rainforest Setting

The track in comes through 2kms of rainforest before you come to the Possum Valley sign.  On the right of the road is

Small dam

Possum Valley, on the left is World Heritage listed rainforest.  Possum Valley is 156 acres (63 Ha) all rainforest except for a few acres around the cottages, homestead sauna etc.  At 1100m, I think it is the highest accommodation in Queensland.  It is on average 5C cooler than the coast.  The nearest neighbour is 5 km away so it is peaceful and secluded.

Rainforest Walks

There are walks through the rainforest on the property.  The shortest follows the creek down past 2 waterfalls to a meditation hut in a deep rainforest gully.  The smaller 3m falls drives the ram pump which supplies the water, the larger 20m fall drives the hydro system for the electrical power.  The meditation hut spans a gully on a different creek, and a small waterfall tinkles under the hut.

The longest walk goes up to meet the track, which brings you back to Possum Valley.  It is a bit less than an hour walking time, but if you stop to look at trees, ferns, fungi etc, it will take you that much longer.

Birds and Animals

A rainforest is a rich environment for birds.  My twittering guests (nothing to do with social media), have provided me with a Possum Valley bird list of about 85 and growing all the time.  Most are rainforest residents, but we are on a major migration route, and within in commuting distance for parrots which do not reside here and occasional drop-ins like the darter which has taken up residence recently.  There are platypus in all the creeks and dams on the property, about 30 I would guess which come and go at their own pleasure, but many guests have seen their first platypus here.  Possum Valley is within the core area for the rare Lumholtz tree kangaroo.  It is rare because of a very restricted range above 700m.  Not surprisingly, Possum Valley has plenty of possums.  About 7 species.  The coppery brushtail possum, and sometimes the common ringtail,  will come to the veranda most evenings to test your generosity.  The rest must be sought at night by spotlighting.  There are many species of wallabies, bettongs and paddymelons in sufficient numbers that I don’t have to mow the grass for 8 months of the year.  I would typically see half a dozen a day without looking for them.  The most common species is the red-legged paddymelon.

Water fun

Top dam

Two of the dams are suitable for swimming and have a jetty with a ladder on the end.  The larger dam also has a row boat.

Games room

About half way between the cottages is a games room, guest laundry and TV room.  The games provided are table-tennis, a pool table and table football.  The laundry has a tub and automatic washing-machine with clothes-line, but no dryer.  Dryer available at the homestead in wet weather.  The TV is free-to-air channels only.  All facilities free to use.

Local attractions

Possum Valley is situated in the southern tablelands with easy access to other rainforest areas such as the ‘Misty Mountain Trails’, and the beautiful waterfalls circuit around Millaa Millaa.  We are close to ‘The Crater’ national park, Bromfield Swamp and other volcanic features.  The Undara lava tubes are a 2 hr drive south and boast the world’s longest lava tubes up to 100 km long.   The Ravenshoe Visitor Centre is well worth a visit (free entry), and the local volunteers are pleased and proud to tell you of local features and events.  Ph 07 40977700.