Notice of Possum Valley’s Imminent Closure

Dear Honoured Guests,

It is with heavy heart and and many partings that I announce the upcoming closure of Possum Valley Rainforest Cottages.  I can assure those with existing bookings that they will honoured.  I am looking to the future and have decided to emigrate.  To Mars.  I have already emigrated the maximum distance around the planet Earth, and am now looking for another challenge.

It seems that the opportunity has recently become feasible and I should be able to buy a ticket sometime soon.  Until then please keep the bookings for Possum Valley coming in until I formally publish a “Cessation of Trading Notice”.

I think I would be ideally suited to be amongst the first to establish a viable self-sustaining colony on Mars as an engineer trained pioneer with some experience of setting up housing and infrastructure where none has existed before.  And my experience of trouble-shooting problems and creative use of adapting available resources to new uses should be an asset.  Think Apollo 13 and saving the world, a world, with a paper cup , a plastic tube and duct tape.  I will put in a special requisition order for duct tape.  I don’t think I’ll bother putting carpenter on my CV.

I am particularly looking forward to a reduction in gravity to about a third of Earth’s.  As I get older, gravity sucks.  More and more.  I realise this is a subjective observation, but would like some relief nonetheless.

For those of you who have not been advised of this opportunity by your travel agent, I enclose this link.

There are enough characters in that address to define the position of every particle in the universe.

I am not packing my bags just yet, as the article points out the price should come down and of course I am waiting for a bargain.  Cheap flights.  Standby specials.  Wonder if I can get a window seat?


  1. Robert says:

    Forget the last two comments from me. I must have had a bit too much of the red that night…

    For those of you that are having trouble accessing the web link in the above article, here it is:

  2. Robert says:

    I give up!
    Here is the link:

  3. Robert says:

    Sorry, my HTML example was hijacked by WordPress and rendered.
    Hopefully by placing ” around it will for the job:
    link text

  4. Robert says:

    First off does Mars really want us?:

    Paul, that hyperlink in your blog does not work.
    Try placing it into an HTML hyperlink:
    link text
    One can then click or tap on it to open the page.

    We hope to get up to Possum Valley early in the New Year to discuss a Mars invasion!

  5. Loeding says:

    Maybe I can put in a word for you on the ‘mars one mission’ here in the Netherlands… 😉
    And in case that you need anyone looking after those fighting possums in your kitchen whilst travelling to mars, please let us know, gravity or not!

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